About Us

Miss Kitty of Miss Kitty CreationsIn 2007 Miss Kitty combined her love for cupcakes and all things cute & scented and set out to create her very own cupcake jewelry.  Inspired by a local Cupcake boutique, Miss Kitty draws inspiration from real cupcakes and delves into her imagination to bring the best unique designs.

Taking many years to perfect the craft of scenting jewelry, Miss Kitty creates each item by hand paying attention to the tiniest details to  ensure nothing but the best is delivered!

While scented cupcake jewelry was the first creation for Miss Kitty, she has expanded her scented jewelry line to Cakes, Pies and Tarts.  Having had over ten years of working with and creating beaded jewelry as well, Miss Kitty introduced the Divine Designs line in 2009 to include jewelry fashioned from Swarovski crystal, pearls and glass beads.