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Holiday Craft Fair Schedule

Date: October 25,2012

October through to December is a very busy time of year for us, and this year with THREE shows (YAY!) it will be even busier!

Here is some info on where you can find us this season:

Harvest Market – Presented by Crafty Affaire

When:   Saturday, October 27, 2012
Where:  Burnsview Secondary School: 7658 – 112 street ~ Delta, BC
Time: 10 am to 6 pm

Creative Craft Fair

When:  November 9th to 11th 2012.
Where:  3100 Pearkes Recreation Centre, Victoria, BC
Friday November 9th:  10am to 8pm
Saturday November 10th:  10am to 5pm
Sunday November 11th:  10am to 4:30pm

Killarney Comminuty Center Holiday Craft Fair

When: November 17, 2012

Where: Killarney Community Centre, 6260 Killarney Street
Time: 10 am – 3 pm

Coquitlam Craft Fair

When:  November 30 – December 2
Where:  3100 Pearkes Recreation Centre, Victoria, BC
Friday November 30th:  5PM – 9PM
Saturday December 1 st:  10am to 4pm
Sunday December 2 nd:  11am to 4pm

* love *

In my journies as a small business owner, I have found creating a display for my jewelry one of the most challenging things.

It has taken me two years to arrive at my newest display (which is still a work in progress!). I found it very difficult to communicate that my jewelry was scented, and was not *real* food, all the while keeping the display attractive and inline with my retro theme / brand.

Here is an example of one of our “before” shot of the displays:

With a lot of research, and a lot of help from Mousetermind (Miss Kitty’s boyfriend) here is the “after” display:

Miss Kitty Creations Craft Show Display


Here’s a few tips on how we did it:

  • We used a Cricut to create the cupcakes and ovals for the testers on the display board.  The cupcakes were made using the “Straight From The Nest” cartridge.  The ovals that we used to show testers were created with Cricut “George Basic Shapes
  • Display board was made with 2″ base board molding and peg board from our local hardware store, then spray painted with a glossy white paint.  It took *many* coats!  The total cost for this board was under $40.  All you need is someone with the expertise to assemble it!
  • The pink cake stand was made using a wood clock face & candle stick, then painted with acrylic paint. ALL the supplies came from Michaels.  Here is the tutorial on how to make your own cake stand:
  • The Cupcake soap stand is a glass dessert tier from Ikea and the cupcake material are tea towels from Ikea as well

We are going to add one more DIY Cake Stand for the jewelry busts to sit on.  Giving height to your display really helps it shine and does make a difference.

We are very happy with how it turned out, but it is still a work in progress!

Until next time kittens!


I was going to try and make unscented goodies today, but I got distracted and experimented with a new cupcake design.  I have been wanting to approach The Original Cupcake girls – who are based out Vancouver (where I live) – and I thought I would have a much better chance of getting a retail / consignment deal if I was able to re-create a few of their cupcakes.

I have tried a few times in the past and it only turned out mediocre at best, and left a, well, big mess  :P

This time though, I think I have come much closer.  And they seem to be holding scent very well too! Now I just need to refine the process.  Once I have been able to consistently recreate

Here is a few pictures I snapped of the prototypes – the chocolate based one was a start to recreating their cupcake called the “Diva” and the vanilla based ones are the start to their “Sweet 16″ cupcakes.  All I need to do now is incorporate the toppings and I’m set.  These are NOT easy to do!! So I am pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Here are a few pictures I snapped of the prototypes:

Zombie Love Brains Snacks made from Chocolate

As a Valentine’s Day surprise for Mousetermind (Miss Kitty’s boyfriend) made these little “brains” out of chocolate & cherry coulis.

I got the mold from ebay – I searched for “silicone brain ice cube mold tray”.  Here is a link to an example of what you would look for on ebay:

Some tips I learned while making these:

1. Make sure you are melting the chocolate using a proper method (don’t microwave it etc)

2. Tint the white chocolate with red food colouring

3. If you don’t have cherry coulis, buy a can of cherry pie filling – scoop two tablespoons of the goo / sauce into a small cup. *Add only A FEW DROPS of water at a time – you don’t want it too runny otherwise it wont stick to the chocolate as well as mine did*

4. Coat the brains on a plate or board & give it a few minutes for the excess cherry goo to drip off, then transfer to packaging after. I used Halloween cupcake liners

Zombie Snacks Chocolate Brains packaging

I bought the white ‘take out’ style box from  Micheals for around $3 and created the label using the “Chiller” font in Word, then trimmed coloured card stock with scrapbooking scissors and stuck in on with glue.  I filled the inside of the box with white shredded tissue paper that I got at the dollar store – just enough to cover the bottom and show the goodies in the little window of the box.  Careful not to put too much though; I found too much stuffing in the box it would keep getting stuck to the brains inside the box.